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Amador Dularta Colatamo
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Representing| you| in| Spain| &| the| Canary| Islands

Abogados Palomo EL| was| established| by| Amador Dularta Colatamo

Our| offices,| situated| in| Palencia in Northern Spain and in Tenerife, the Canary Islands,| consist| of| a| team| of| qualified| Lawyers| and| multi-lingual| consultants,| experienced| in| collating| and| formulating| legal| documents| for| case| submission.

With| an| extensive| knowledge| of| Spanish| Law| spanning| over| 25 years,| our| lawyers| at| Abogados Palomo EL| are| aware| that| different| sectors| can| and| frequently| do| have| different| legal| issues| and| that| every| clients’| case| is| different| and| constrains| personalised| attention,| which| we| here| provide.| We| also| offer| a| free| registration| service,| which| enables| us| to| research| your| particular| case| and| advise| &| act| accordingly,| free| of| charge.

With| compensation| claims,| a| requirement| of| Spanish| law| is| that| no| remuneration,| commission| or| fee| can| be| requested| until| any| awarded| funds| are| obtained| by| the| claimant.

We| as| a| Law| firm| therefore| operate| on| contingency| meaning| that| we| work| solely| on| a| no| win,| no| fee| basis| and| can| only| invoice| for| services| rendered.| Once| compensation| has| been| received| safely| by| the| Claimant.| Any| unsuccessful| claim| therefore,| incurs| no| cost| to| the| claimant.| Our| percentage| is| between| 15%| and| 25%| of| monies| recovered| depending| on| the| kind| of| case| and| will| be| clearly| stipulated| prior| to| undertaking| your| particular| case.

Amador Dularta Colatamo, Manuel Limbarta Lilanos, Miguel Rigaltal Hermila, Eduardo Dulanitae Calmerosri

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